All about me!

hikari-cute.jpghaha..Hey this is Kari!Nice to meet u!How are you now?I want to share you about myself..But,I am sorry cause my name are secret.So,u cant know my name..Just call me Kari or Hikari..hmmm…I only a 12 years old live in Malaysia.And my another blog is dont know if you are not from Malaysia,u cant read it..Because I write in Malay..My email OR Email me if u want to know more about me!I like to watch Digimon and DC_Detective Conan.Movie?I like Digimon The Movie,DC The Movie and DC Speacial!In DC Speacial,I like Shinichi because he so cute when he was baby!My favourite songs are..All Digimon and Detective Conan songs!hmm..U all know,I have a Digimon Group..I am Hikri again in that group.My friends,Fattin as T.K,Sharifah as Sora and Rosni as Mimi..If you want to add me as friend in friendster and facebook,seach 4 this email, and myspace

Thank you 4 attention!!^_^



  1. Hey Kari!!I like Sora.So,just call me Sora.emm…I want to ask you something,I cant find you in the friendster.Are you change your email?

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