Posted by: hikari97 | 23 Ogos 2009

Hikari Kamiya

Do you know who is Hikari?Yeah,here she is..Her patner is Gatomon/Tailmon.But it Malaysia,Gatomon/Tailmon is call Tirumon.Nice right?Hikari GatomonSometimes,Hikari full name is Hikari Yagami.But,sometimes,Hikari Kamiya..I feel so stupid.Do not know which I should choose.You know,in Malaysia we are fasting now..We do not eat or drink from the early morning till the night..Yeah..its so hungry you know??Uh..tommorow I have to go to school!Boring..Ah..but I have too..Cause if I want get 5 A’s,I have to go to school!I want to be champion!



  1. wow… another hikarikamiya fan in malaysia..

    • yes..there are a lot of Digimon Lovers in Malaysia.But,we don’t know who are them…And,in friendster,I have a friend who loves Hikari too^^Thanks 4 the comments,Hikari-san!

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