Posted by: hikari97 | 22 Ogos 2009

Digimon Character!

Hey guys!How are you?Thanks 4 visit my blog!Hope you like it!I want to ask you something.In Digimon Adventure 1,who is your idol?No one?I dont know your answer..But if you want to tell me,please leave a comment..Digimon_AdventureHere they are..8 choosen children in Digimon Adventure 1..They play in Digimon 02 too..hahahaha..I like them..especially Hikari and Takeru.They are very know,both Takeru and Hikari are same age.And they are a great couple.I like Taichi too.He is a brave boy..And he a good guy..Sora!Sora is a smart and loving girl.She pretty.Another chosen children is…Matt or his true name,Yamato Ishida.He is the brother of Takeru/T.K.But,his father and mother not be together again.emm…Mimi yes her!She is a beautiful girl..But,I dont like it so much..Its not mean I hate her..I like her but not too much..Who is the next??Hah!Koushiro!He is a smart and a clever boy!He use his computer and the other communication to do some of his work..And,he so cute!One more,Joe.Joe also a great boy!He is a doctor.Sometimes,I want to be like  Digimon Adventure 1! Nice pic huh?Maybe yes..hahahaha..Okay..I hope can write more..But it is late now..Bye!See you the next blog!




  1. terima kasih hikari

    • sama2,Takeru-chan!

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