Posted by: hikari97 | 21 Ogos 2009

Hey there!

Lovely Takari!Hey!!Its me,Hikari!I am not really Hikari k?I only one of her fans!You know?Takeru/T.K and Hikari are a sweet couple.But,many Digimon fans like Hikari with Ken.At the ending of Digimon 02,we know that Sora and Matt had married.Ken and Yolei had married too.But,there were many Digimon Character such as Hikari,Taichi,Takeru and the other were not married at all.So,the problem is,why the sweet couple like Mimi and Koushiro did not get married?Takeru and Hikari too..I am so angry when Kari and T.K were not married..But,I still support Takari and Koumi.Actually,I like Sora with Taichi.Taiora 4 ever I said…Digimon is my idol..I hope so..Takari and Taiora 4 ever,always together..


Hikari Kamiya



  1. u know, the truth hikari n takeru get married..i read the blog who live in japan…this is what he said : I found the Takari proof! They really got married at the end of Dejimon Advencha 02. I was browsing through the net and I stumbled onto your website. It is mentioned there that Takaishi Takeru and Yagami Hikari didn’t end up together, at first I was really upset and disappointed so I tried to watch the last episode of Dejimon Advencha 02 at and I was really furious now that Takaishi Takeru (or TK) didn’t mention that he married Yagami Hikari. 2 days have passed and I was watching terebi (TV) in our apartment. here in Japan, Animax Japan already showed the Dejimon Advencha’s last episode and next was the Dejimon Advencha 02’s last episode. I said to myself that it’s no use watching it because the ending wasn’t that good (it’s not good because Takaishi Takeru and Yagami Hikari didn’t end up together). I was defeated by my liking of Dejimon so I ended up watching the whole show and boy I was surprised that it WAS MENTIONED there that Takaishi Takeru married Yagami Hikari. After BelialVamdemon was defeated, Takeru was typing onto his computer when his son came in and told him it was about time to go. Takeru says there that it has been 25 years and he married Hikari. I didn’t believed it at first but when Takeru came to meet up with everyone, Yagami Taichi’s son told his dad “otoosan mite mite, arewa Takeru ojisan!” (Look dad, it’s UNCLE Takeru!) I was surprised by this because here in Japan we call our uncles a relatively way (it means that Taichi’s son is Takeru’s nephew. How did he became Takeru’s nephew? He married Hikari that’s why they are now brothers-in-law).

    It’s not yet over, the other proof of Takari was Tailmon’s words! When Takeru arrived at their meeting place and met up with everyone, Tailmon told Hikari “Hikari-chan, anata no danna san mou iru.” (Hikari-chan, your husband’s here.) Then Takeru and their son (the blond haired boy) walked over to Hikari and their son (the pinked haired boy) and the boy said “otoosan, oniichan!” (Father, big brother!).

    I didn’t know why the dubbed version didn’t include this at the end, I just saw in the dubbed version Yagami Hikari talking to her son saying “You can do it son.” or something like that. But I was really surprised that here in japan, it was different! Boy, many thanks to Animax Japan that they showed the last episode of Dejimon Advencha 02. I made a quick research about this and found out that this was ALL TRUE because I watched the last episode of Dejimon again in Fuji Terebi (Fuji TV) and NHK Animation. The 3 japanese channels showed the same ending of Dejimon Advencha 02. Screw with the dubbed/english version! I was glad that I’m a japanese and able to see the REAL proof of Takari!

    All of this was confirmed and 100% TRUE because I watched it over and over here in Japan. if some of you guys happen to know the reason why they didn’t show the Takari moment and proof as well, please let me know. I know my English sucked because I’m still learning, please understand us Japanese people, I have a hard time learning English here myself. Thanks again and I hope that my information really helps you guys a lot because I hate (but not that much) the dubbed version. They changed everything even the kissing scene of Takeru and Hikari in episode 13, Dagomon’s Call (it was shown at the epilogue of the episode 13).

    • I dont believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Can u give me her/his blog?

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